Sea of Poverty

All I see in this unpopular city,
Of popular sovereignty,
Is poverty, it's probably,
Affecting our economy,
Promoting autonomy,
It really kinda bothers me,
Nobody won the lottery,
I see what I saw,
It's a bit teeter tottery,
It's mean and it's raw,
Fallin apart like old poverty,
Detroit, embrace your persons,
Before the state worsens,
Before I can get a verse in,
Things change so fast,
By the time I'm done conversin,
These bad feelings have passed,
Although Michael is still out,
Walkin round and rambling
I can always hear him shout
Heard he started gambling
I pass by on my route
Just to see what he's all about
He's very artistic
He roams around
he's also autistic
But he's got his feet on the ground
Living day to day
Off of no pay
Just thank and pray
Is what he say
"You were born as I was born,
Human are humans, and I'm a person too, but some people don't see that. "

To Michael


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