Sea of Nothing

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 19:09 -- Hana


I sink down
Deeper, deeper
Until there is no sound
Deeper, deeper

I wondered what it would feel like
To float in the in-between
To be hidden from sight
Where only the waves judge

It feels about the same
Than what it was before
Though a bit more tame
I'm freed from them now

I was held to the surface
Only partially drowning
I found no purpose
So I let go

Of my rainbow lifeline
That acted as a chain
Of tablets and capsules and pills
Killing my veins

I wondered if this "depression"
Was better or worse
Before these medical sessions
But it doesn't matter now

I'm sick of it
So I'm letting go
Flames that were lit
Are now smothered in tears

They've created an ocean
As vast as any
It holds my main emotion
That this "illness" has left me

The weight is crushing
Deeper, Deeper
As I sink into this sea of nothing
Deeper, Deeper


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