Scream of life

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 17:36 -- desi7


Why was I choses to cry and scream

while others tears have fallen asleep

Why was I chosen to laugh

While others fall into a pit of endless sorrow

Why was I chosen to lead, instead of follow

leaving me a feeling so hollow


Shallow is the water of life

A blur, colors spewing all around

Fate dives in and destiny sits around

The tree of knowledge so bare and silent

It has nothing to say and has no more knowledge to give


The world so cold

hope shivers

faith quivers

Our feet can barely stand on solid ground

We bend and we fall, but have yet to break

The beauty of life we have yet to take


Why were we chosen to live in such a universer

to lie, to steal, to wait for a hope that never comes

Or to wait for a God who loves us a ton


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