I can’t help, but to be myself.

A true Scorpio at heart.

I’m truly misunderstood

My beauty bleeds through my art.


It’s true that I can be dark

Because I delve deep in my soul

That has survived some dark nightmares

With my mind that seeks to be whole


Not just from personal wants

But for awareness and knowledge

Cause I seek to be understood

As well as everyone in bondage


My art speaks when my lips cannot

My expressions bleeds for my heart

I cry for answers, but given

Something that God calls a new start


Open your mind to others’ worlds

You might finally understand

That people like me are more than

The emo label. United, stand.


I speak many truths of others

Cause I know how it feels to feel

I’m a true Scorpio at heart

There’s much of me I don't reveal!



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