School Life

Dear School,

I'm so sick of you.

I'd like to stay home ill and

just turn on the TV so

my mind can think of

something other than

statistics, français, and

how many essays are due today?


Yet I appreciate you.

Through many years

you've taught me so much.

Not only algebra and grammar,

but how to learn and grow in myself,

and how sometimes your peers

are the best people for hearing your struggles

because they've likely gone through the same things,

and if they haven't gotten through it yet,

the two of you can act as moral support

when you step up to talk to the next person

who might know the answer.

They will ask the questions you forgot you had

and explain the answers when you're still puzzled two days later.


College is something even more impressive.

Roommates, money, cooking, coping,

relationships, life struggles, and more school.

It's challenging, but I hope I never take it for granted.

One day I'll be out in the world, and it will be great,

but nothing can compare to all this learning happening in one place.


Years from now, when I'm putting in hours at a job I love,

and really making a difference in this world,

I will look back fondly upon my days with you, school. 

I'll remember all of the lessons you've taught me, like

how to share my ideas with others and how to drink my coffee black,

and I'll smile and be grateful for your contributions to my life.


Years from now, I'll be thankful I had you, but for now,

I'll keep trudging along.

I'll go to class.

I'll finish my work.

I'll ask questions when I'm curious,

and I'll learn as much as you're willing to offer me.


Thank you.


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