I saw your scars today,

It took my breath away.

A choke caught in my throat.

Something so precious

Contained inflicted wounds.


You’re not to blame.

They aren’t to be ashamed of.

Scars, that’s all they are,

Proof that you were stronger.


Don’t worry about your past,

The future is so much brighter.

You’re beautiful in every way


How you smile from your eyes,

There is no hiding it.

I wish I could love you enough,

To make you love yourself,


Your eyes put the stars to shame,

When you're with me,

Time slows just to soak in the moment,

Your voice calms my mind

And brings me back to life,

One word my way,

And I know it will  all be okay.

Words can’t convey

What you mean to me.

How I wish I could say.

Just know,

When you need me,

I’ll stay.

This poem is about: 
My family


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