Scarred On Sunday Morning

Out of familiarity, I got up on the Sunday morning.
The gospel played
And momma's voice yearned
To get me out of bed and take me to my father's house
A child on the inside,
Sixty at the core
A child nontheless
A grimace I wore
For his word assured love and intangible galore
My feet hit the floor
Walking through this house, I always wondered
How one man could let his blood wet the ground like fresh morning dew
She said "He saved our souls and if you follow his word, he'll savs yours too"
You're my Savior
My father
The foundation of what I do
Man is bestowed your message,but,like me, he'll surely sin too
So why do I go
To a place, full of hypocrisy
And drown in a sea of lies
That it seems only I can see
Preaching against my sin
And his sin too
Your sin isn't new, so who could you be?
I'm scarred on a sunday morning
Gleaming and shining
Let the liars sing
Because they forgot one thing
God is MY Savior. That's nothing new
He saved my life
He'll save yours too.



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