Mon, 09/21/2015 - 21:42 -- EruX

Poem: Scared

The last thing you said
Is that we wouldn't meet again
That you'll end up dead
Because of all this pain

The last thing I told you
Is that we will meet again
We won't meet in someplace new
But back here, in our own grassy plain

I was scared but it didn't show
As a thought crossed my mind
How am I to know
Whether or not you were serious?

Since you spoke those words
I've been fearful of the end
The only things I've heard
Are the thoughts I cannot mend

I've been scared
I don't think you know
Because I truly cared
I don't want you to go

Through the pain and lies
I don't know what to believe
What I see through my eyes
My ears will deceive

My message from the morning
Hasn't got a reply
And now I'm panicking
Did you really die?

I should have done more to help you
I wish I showed more that I cared
I know what you said could be true
And because of that, I'm scared


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