Saving the Children

One of today’s biggest controversial issues

Has got parents and children running out of tissues.

The Constitution says you have the right to bear arms

But wake up America! Maybe this is your alarm…


Bang! Bang! Pop! Pop!

They all sound the same

As we’re running for our lives

Hurry! This is not a game.


It’s sad to hear that at this day and age

That it’s the children in our nation begging for the change.

But by the time we change the law it may be too late

Because so many students have lost a classmate.


So what should we do Mr. President?

As you sit there giving them your support

C’mon now, the NRA already has their money

I think it’s time to take them to court.


How can you sit there and teach safety in class

As our schools are surrounded with bullet proof glass?

And you give our “best teachers” guns

As if they couldn’t be the ones...


The ones with the background

Of having been troubled in school

Who have been bullied all their lives

For not being cool.


May we please go back to the old days

When guns were made for hunting instead of the hallways.

And where students did not need to fear

Wondering if they will survive another school year.


Our voices will never be silent

Until you put a stop to those who are violent

We’re not asking that you get rid of them,

But to just remeber that the children of this nation are the true gems.


But I guess we’ll just have to sit here

Distracted and looking around

At the empty seats of our classmates

That will never be able to wear their cap and gown.

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My country
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Hillary Kossou

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