Sanguine Youth


United States
29° 27' 34.452" N, 98° 29' 42.8028" W

And when she woke, light
Bore into her sweet eyes.
Candle flames flickered
Down to their waxy bases,
Eager to put out their blazing
Flames. Slowly, mildly
Getting up, sensing the
Heat from gazing eyes—raw
Intensity that heats up blood.
Jet black air clings to eye lashes, she
Kneels down to caress the pink
Little wound on her tender white thigh.
Mark of desire, hunger, sheer
Naked truth exposed and
Offered up on poisonous silver
Platters. Remembrances make
Quivering lips that cannot shake those
Ravishing dreams from their
Succulent beginnings—
Too fresh to have developed roots of their own;
Unbridled dreams that shine with unknown
Vigor and strength as the light gradually
Wanes. Instinctually their pulses soar as
Xanthic lights glimmer to a close
Yielding to final rest, igniting abundant
Zeal from restless youth.

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