Sandstorms and Lies

Sometimes we lie. 
No one is truly perfect
If anyone says so then they are lying
You can always count on a lie
To be thrown at you like a sandstorm and you knew it was coming but still didnt get ready for impact. 
Is it human nature to lie?
Is it a coping mechanism 
Or just some way for us to have some control?
We lie for many different reasons
Some that are my favorites is
I’m just tired
I’m fine
I promise I won’t tell anyone
I won’t judge

And then we walk right into that sandstorm with open arms 
Going hey 
This won’t hurt when the actuality of it all comes at full force
And slowly being pelted by sand do you realize after all the welts
The lies add up

Whether they be yours 
Or someone else’s

To top all of this off
To make another confusing layer on this billion piece puzzle

For every lie there is some truth to it

I’m just tired- they are tired 
Tired of many things though that is easy enough to see if you look

I’m fine- that’s what they want to believe as well because then things will be better

I promise I won’t tell anyone- well technically they are my best friend and really close with so that doesn’t count

I won’t judge- they were banking that it would be something that didn’t play on something to ethnical 

So for every lie there is truth 
A silver lining
Like that sandstorm
You realize you can put up your arms to protect your face
But our arms still get hurt none the less


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