Sand: Grainy, Salty, and Thick

Wed, 09/24/2014 - 12:45 -- briez98

I am running.

I am chasing the scent of the salty sea.

I am with family.

We smile with all teeth showing.

I am running.

The sand quickly disappearing under my feet.

I am happy,

The happiest in my life.

I feel it.

The warmth of the water calling my name.

I pounce.

The bridge of the tide is slippery.

I fall.

I am on my back.

I am swallowed by the tight hold of the sea.

The taste overpowers me.

It is salty.

I am freed,

Freed from the fierce grip of the tide,

Safe in my uncle’s arms.

My aunt says something.

“She almost drowned!”

As I sit by the shore

And the tastes lingers,

I hope to never approach it again.

Grainy, salty, and thick: sand.




Interesting poem. Any reason for the right justification? That is an a stylistic choice that I don't see often.

This poem shows me how fickle emotions how. How happiness is momentary, but so is fear. We can love things one minute and hate them the next.

Was this based off of experience? What were you trying to convey here?

This seems different from your other poems. I can't put my finger on it. But this poem is different from the others. I think this may be my favorite one.

Keep writing so I can keep reading =)


I used right justification to try to redistribute the length of the lines and also to try and give an abstract view of the tide.

This was based my first time at the beach when I was 5 years old. I was trying to convey those fickle emotions that my five year old self had.

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