The Sanctuary


407 Wellinton drive Moore, South Carolina
United States
38° 2' 31.2576" N, 78° 32' 50.2548" W

Sad dreary eyes longing to be cleaned. 

 cleaned of waste, cleaned of Man.

A squawk, a shiver, a lost down feather,

 everywhere I look I see men clung to a Father.

But how can They claim goodness,

 when all We make is unending pain.

Skies once filled with thousands of birds,

 now bear only clouds of nets, chains, and gates.

Forests once home to natures proud flyers,

 now slowly dies to a greedy axe and fire.

And when I'ts all gone, and the land lies bare,

 upon Our graves They will build.

And this new land They'll name, 


Locked behind bars and watched by thousands,

 They gain a profit in exchange for Me.

Another kind of slavery.

 ever wonder if this is what I want?

Standing all alone, with nowhere to go,

 My existence is petty, My existence is bleak.

I stare into Their hearts, but They stare only at Me,

 waiting, waiting to see if I'm worth Their time.

Sometimes, after enough is enough,

 I turn on them, to show them my pain,

Funny how They paint me the monster,

I just want to be free.




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