Same Old Family Gatherings

Sitting at a family brunch

Trying to escape the grooling questions.

How are you getting ready for the ACT?

What were your scores for the PSAT?

What colleges are you looking at?

Well I’m doing an online program called schmoop-

I haven't heard of that

So it probably isn't great.

You know I have ACT flashcards,

Matt got a 36 using them.

Oh that would be-

Oh, Ben got his PSAT scores back

He's in the top one percentile.

Oh wow thats amazing he can-

Have you thought of colleges?

I'm thinking of…

Now don't limit yourself.

You're better then that.

I'm not my major is very-

Well you have to think

About if you will be able to get a job.

By 2022 my career field will have gone up by-

You know being a girl engineer

Makes a lot of money.

Yes but I'm not interested in-

I mean look at artist.

They don't make anything.

But they are-

What made you interested in that major?

Well, I went to-

Oh so you will be in a school setting?

No I want to be more-

I know someone that does that

They hate it.

Well I’m -

Oh I missed this whole conversation

Can you tell it again?


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