Same Love Remix (Poem Version)

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 15:13 -- jehzan


I made a full length remix to Macklemore's song "Same Love." 

These are the lyrics I wrote:


Verse 1:

When I was 7, I knew I wasn’t like my other friends

Would rather play ball than play with dolls and at ten,

Years old, I realized my school didn’t approve of me

So I hadda keep it hidden and pretend that I was gonna be

Like everybody else, follow instead of lead

Scared to ever question what a pastor said of eve

Told she was made for adam, please em and bare his seed

And even if he beats you just love him and let it be

But I chose not believe all the lies layed in front of me

And even as a youngin I knew who ide become to be

Unique, a child sent from the Heavens

Created by a God who loves you with no conditions

Yet the same people who preach about Jesus’ persecutions

Are the first to throw stones on those and bring confusion

On a sample of the public, supposedly filled with sin

their love for the same sex is cursed and un- legit

And that’s bullshit…




Verse 2:

Oh but lets not forget Jesus wasn’t a Christian

In fact he was a Jew and the gays fit the description

Like soddom and gomorah, ninevah and Jonah

Don’t you get to judgin if you never got to know us

Don’t tell me youre my friend but you condemn my lifestyle

Equality for everyone but if youre gay youre not entitled

To walk the streets of Heaven cause you lived a life of sin

Chose to love a woman the way you supposed to love a man

But in fact let it be known I love my neighbor as myself

And my girl has been a blessing than any one of you can know

Or care to understand this is more than getting married

Honestly ide care less, a piece of paper cant define me

Truthfully the fact is the only place that hell exists

Is in the prejudice and judgement of what real love is

cause you lack the comprehension, the ability to define

I respect your own opinion, but don’t attack whats mine

The capacity to love with no barriers or filters

To know the love from our creator, not simply quote the scripture

the right to pursue happiness despite our different cultures

All im really askin is let her meet me at the alter




Verse 3:

So now were bein judged on the opinions and religions

This nation was found upon the oppression of the fisted

There’s really nothing different were just standin up to resist it

And if you meet us halfway you can be part of our deliverance

I know you probably mean well, I see its your tradition

And for us to just come in, trynna to change the definition

Change the whole perspective, influence it on your children

Well isn’t it about time that your people stop abusing

I still remember bein 16, the first time I kissed a girl

And im sorry if its offensive, but that day she changed my world

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