Same Love

Born the same way as me and you and yet treated like an outcast, because they feel that loving sensation to the same sex callin' them names as we walk pass.
History's battles repeat themselves the only difference is the cause and how the war is fought, from culture, religion, to the complexion of your pigment and how your country tought.
You but now I see that is human nature, we fight we conquer and we die and rebel, its what we do.
Well let me tell you my point of view, the gays and lesbians deserve as many rights as you they deserve to be equal too.
We can't all live equal until we support it, I might not be the same but thats not important.
I was born like you and them, have a heartbeat like you and them, but you treat them wrong because of their preference making their thoughts and hopes to live free dim.
God loves all his children yes its true, so love everybody equally or to hell with you.

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