The Samaritan's Shadow

Sat, 09/08/2018 - 02:58 -- Aegis

Flying midst the million trunks of green and hazel trees,

The hero of his small town home heard faint, desperate pleas.

Pausing just for seconds, trusting in his ears,

He tore down a different pathway, one ending his early years.

Upon finding the source of crying he had ceased to be so small,

He reached out his large bulky arms, and saved a precious soul.

The soul thought-safe still cried aloud an aghast awful moan,

Her hero turned and faced a giant man he'd never known:

This creature big and foreign was hooded, cloaked in grey,

Though it remained unseen it was clearly keen on finding this young prey.

The hero fought this awful giant and tried to best it good,

But this enemy kept fighting back, and best it? No hero could!

Another faint and dismal cry broke through the forest clime,

Fatigued, but still determined, this man could waste no time.

Our hero picked up his damsel, and carrying her ran south,

The beast of danger followed with death foaming at his mouth,

Through the dense dark depths of forest both these beings ran,

'Till tired, worn yet standing did they come across a lad.

This shortish lad was curled up in fear, fatigue, with nothing left to fight,

He had just won a hard-earned victory, and had settled for the night.

But hearing the loud trample of two giants coming through,

He awoke with awful terror, and began his running too.

The hero of the damsel picked the younger lad right up,

And continued running, barely, through a hard and bitter cup,

The demon that pursued was right behind the entire time,

And so the chase continued on, with no reason and no rhyme.

It wasn't till the time was up and against a cliff they came-

And stopped, in dread, to become (soon) dead, as the giant did approach his game.

"Foul Beast!" our hero shouted loud, "What is thy wrong design?!"

"Attack this lad and lass tonight, and your death will surely be mine!"

A pause and laugh escaped from the awful fiend's cloaked mouth,

Then a voice, in familiar strength and song ensued the fatigued young crowd,

"My-oh-me and me-oh-my, dear friend you lack your head,

Did you think it's they "I" am after? It's they who "I" want dead?

Check again thou noblest hero, see who's face it is they fear.

What creature do you drag them with as you try to escape me?"

As cloak and shadow dissipated into midnight's cool dark air,

Our once-thought hero stood breathless at the truth he couldn't bear,

And shaking from exhaustion, he slowly turned to see,

In the face reflected from their fear-filled eyes, that same dark demon-



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