Saltwater Taffy



My pearl of joyful peace

Safe is what I am 

When I curl into his arms, his

Heat feeling like wrapping your hands

Around a mug filled with warm cider

The way he smells...

Like cinnamon bark with the promise of aromatic autumn wind

Holding his hands, opening my heart

His soul emits

A kind glow

Of welcoming amber orange

For me

Eyes that stare

That stare to drink in my details

Making me feel like his favorite story

He's a lightbulb

In the straw filled corner of my heart

Where I keep my trust

For others

His hands reach for my waist

As if he's anchoring me to a safer harbor

As if he knows how much I need him to



A boy made of saltwater taffy

A boy whom I love

This poem is about: 
My community


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