One foggy day

In Salem,

The air was dank

And the fire was crackling.

Cackling filled ears that were waiting for the show;

My ears.

I cleared the calendar to see it,

Cancelled plans so I could witness

The sham.


I positioned my lawn chair

On the dead blades of grass

And I silently waited for the heads to roll.

Noggins hit the earth like hailstorms;

The clattering of brains trapped in skulls of a witch persuasion

Were all that kept the crowd.

Heads fell,

Bodies rose,

Ropes turned crimson,

Tension just thickened.


The jeering that followed

Each punishment:

Truly a testament to mankind.


The show is over;

That was no trial.

The people have retreated.

Defeated are the witches;

The sorcery is gone,

The magic, unspeakable.


I collapse my lawn chair.

I pack up.

I go home.

And as I turn my face,

My money’s worth gotten,

I am pure guilt.

I witnessed the witches

Serve death,

And deaf to peace

The town remained.

I simply sat,

And relived the sights

Of everyday mayhem.


But never did I flinch;

Not an inch,

When in Salem.


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