Safe but unsafe

Dear Mami,


I know you like it when I call you Mami, instead of Madre

You always said mami sounded sweeter like I loved you more


But no matter what I call you, I will always love you


You are the person who has stood by my side

The person who has always made me feel safe


but you’ve been the person who has made me feel the most unsafe


I have tried to convince myself that everything you say is for my own good

I would ask myself why you can’t just trust I do right

You’ve always been afraid I make mistakes

you would rather keep me from making them

you listen to everything I have to say

but you give me a look full of disgust like I disrespect

I thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me

I value things for what they are


but you belittle me and make me feel like everything I feel is invalid


it’s time for you to hear the truth

I love you Mami

but you have to accept that parents have faults too

I want to thank you for teaching me the biggest lesson life has to offer


to love unconditionally despite flaws


I want you to know everything

But it would break you


I hope one day I’m ready to hand this to you

and you’re ready to receive it

I love you Mami

I hope one day you understand

-Tu hija (Your daughter)

This poem is about: 
My family


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