I hate that smell,


the smelly smell that I know too well,


from a toddler embraced in love,


from every hug,


I smell that smell


that smell that I know too well,


Putrid as an adolescent


I hate the smell ,


I hate the presence,


I know she’s around,


telling lies for me to fetch


but they can’t be found,


following me around i can’t rid


clothes always smelling like a lit cig,


symbolizing fear cause i know i'll wake up


one day


and she won't be here,


how i hate her sometimes,


she talks how she misses her own


cause she died from a wound she sowed,


but she's sewing her own,


and will also leave me lonely when


she’s dead and gone.




I know you hate that smell,


I know i’m not being selfish,


I wish that it could stop


but I know you can't help it.


I know you wish it wasn’t here,


but you seem to have no fear,


like you really don't care,




I know we both hated that smell,


now I wish it was here,


bringing tears to my eyes,


if i had to i’d smell it a million more times,


If it meant that you were


close by.


This poem is about: 
My family


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