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Giving up a part of herself for the happiness of others. She knows right.
Her hands show the path of her hard work.
She believes in honor and in the theology of caring.
Her needs come second. Her mission becomes those of others.
The blood that runs through her body can tell you about her history and of her determination to honor those who have sacrificed for her.
She honors them by reciprocating the hope and love they showered her with.
What does it take to become selfless, genuine, and humble?
What do you give up in the processes?
The answer to that question no longer matters when the question is asked, “what do you gain?”
Humanity is all about sacrifice and doing what is right, sometimes it is necessary to come second.
Sacrifice is the ultimate action of showing what love is.
Love is giving up many things, for the satisfaction of a smile. To feel peace.
She knows what love is about and how it can be the most painful, yet, rewarding emotion and humanity has to remember and cherish that.
She may come second to herself, but to others she comes first.
It is a never ending cycle.


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