wait but

I've sacrificed my soul and my heart.
Carved mine out to leave these scars.
I've held others' within my fingertips
alleviated their chattering teeth and chapped lips.
Felt their veins beat in the palm of my hands.
Nestled their hearts within my chest,
and kept them safe as best I can.
I repaired the damaged wings of broken angels.
Rummaged through their twisted bones to untangle.
I peel off every layer of skin for those in need,
I cut out my corneas for those who need to see.
And yet my throat gets slit and I drop to my knees.
And I cry out in my pain, and everyone is pleased.
And I'm laying on the floor, enshrouded in my fears.
And my face is burning from these cuts, in contact with my tears
These slits on my wrists could never amount to the mistakes I have made
But I will try, and try again
until I begin



Great job!

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