Russia Is A Demon And The United States Of America Is The Devil

You probably thought I would not speak on the issue of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

I have some important points to make in addition to some fair questions.

What would happen if Ukraine formed an alliance with NATO in accord with the will of the US?

We have ample evidence of the evil intent of the United States of America.

Should we accept hypocritical concern for human lives from the biggest terrorists in the world?


Not long ago we saw the stand that NATO, under the influence of the US, took against North Korea.

If the Americans had the opportunity, they would have naval presence in the Black Sea.

And that would certainly be an intimidation, a provocation, and a threat to Russia.

Would the United States of America allow an alliance between Russia and Canada?

What did the American government do when the Russians wanted to form an alliance with Cuba?


How many countries have Russia bombed or invaded since 1980 to now?

And how many countries have the United States of America bombed or invaded during that period?

It seems that the American government does not record its own wicked deeds.

Tell me about a conflict in which no civilians were injured or killed.

Should the world believe that the Americans have never injured or killed civilians in a war?


Have you forgotten the concentration camp that the US has in Guantánamo Cuba?

How many prisoners have US soldiers tortured and murdered in that loathsome place?

People with misguided information have turned against Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine.

If you were a Russian, would you want the American military at the border of your country?

Who is behind the mayhem and the fighting for oil, territory, and power in the world?


Americans should not point a finger at other countries and pretend to have clean hands.

The leaders of the United States not only sick my stomach, they also sick the stomach of a dog.

Do you not know that the devil is the master and ruler of the demons?

I know that there will be hard feelings, but let us go back to the title of this composition.

Russia is a demon and the United States of America is the devil in my opinion.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Jan Wienen

Enjoy your poetry. Surely no guile but straight forward 

Marlon Pitter


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