Once upon a time, You met a Friend

Who wedged himself into your life

The longer you know him, the easier it is to pretend

That you met normally, and not with a knife.


It was a cold and snowy morning

The white ground was stained with red

He granted you freedom without any warning

And now the one who hurt you was dead


Suddenly, you were in a bar

Strangers glanced but, nothing was said

They left you alone with a Monster

Who smiled at you and declared himself your Friend


"I am helpful... for a price

For nothing is ever truly free

I never make the same mistake twice

So just sit back and let it be!"


The longer you know him, the higher you rise

and the more you find yourself in his debt

What given so far is innocuous, to your surprise

Until, one day, the line is met


You can't say no. You can't refuse

There's nothing you can say

He sees you falter and reminds you

That it's time for you to pay


With that, you nod and comply

and finish your task posthaste

Afterwards, you go home and cry

and feel the weight of guilt take place


Burning your clothes that are stained dark red

An offhand thought plants itself in your brain

And soon you find yourself determined

As you wash the evidence down the drain


After months of research and favors

and paying back the debt you owe

You come across your saviour

In a fairy tale from long ago


The next time he comes, you stop him short

and refuse him at last

in a bout of anger, he retorts

That this isn't something he can look past


And finally you reveal your final hand

that there's something that you know

You give him a box, the first step of your plan

Confused, he removes the bow


His face blanches, his hands shake

at last, he bites "How did you know?"

You laugh at him in his face

and then give him the crushing blow


With four syllables, he disappears

and never again does he appear

Who knew that the Monster could be so afraid

of a piece gold straw and a name 


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