Rule Breaker


Colorful thoughts swirl in my head

Connecting to others with

Shimmering strings.


A million pin-pricks

Connecting the hitherto unconnected.

So, with the valid proof provided,

Is my differing opinion really that wrong?

This isn’t math.


(Although math is starting to look like English.

You know you’re in trouble when

An equation holds more letters than numbers

And you still have to solve for x.)


There’s no wrong answer.

So how, praytell, is my opinion wrong,

But your opinion right?


Is there something I don’t know?

Did you sit down for tea with Joseph Conrad?

Ask him to tell

His motivations, techniques,

All the themes and symbols and motifs

You’re so confidently purveying to the class?


I didn’t think so.


What’s the problem with the other side?

Are you trying to prepare me to think for myself—

See my own opinions and build on them

To create my own, unique vision of the world—


Or should I be trying to think like others?

Put myself in your head

And guess what I should say

To appease you and your ideals.


Thinking inside another’s box

Isn’t what you had in mind

When you said to “be creative”

But that’s what I’ve been taught.


And I never break the rules.


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