Roses like red, writes

Dear Mirror Mirror,


I once asked you a question,

I asked you who's the lonelines of all 

And as the white crystal shards broke and shattered

You refused to answer me truthfully 

Is that why you painted me red 


Dear Mirror Mirror

Who is that behind you

Those eyes has no life

He does not smile

Why is he crying

Oh mirror mirror


Who am I from who I was

The scars from when you broke still shows on my pale cheeks 

And its hard to find some clairty without you here

Dear Mirror,

Its hard to believe in fairytales

Its hard to think of the most beauitful 

When I feel like I am the lonliness of them all 


The winter air feels colder from the last time we saw each other

And im afraid I have not changed 

This isloation is the price I pay 

For believing that maybe

I could live without you

And I am sorry


I thought I could find my own way

But I can't believe in me 

And slowly I can't even believe in you 

Dear Mirror Mirror,

Goodbye and Sincerely, 


The hope inside the mirror

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