That couple you see everywhere,

Kisses cover blows,

And sweet words mask careless acts.

Bundles of roses cover bruises,

And boxes of chocolate hide what concealer can’t.


The girl with the sweet smile,

You know the one.

She spends every night sleepless,

Tossing and turning,

Hoping someone will notice.


That boy, the poster child.

He isn’t so perfect behind closed doors.

His caring hands turn to weapons,

And his sweet nothings turn deadly.

If only they could see him like this.


They were all they had.

They pushed everyone else away.

She was too quiet to speak up.

He was too careful to slip up.

They were too “happy” to screw up.


That couple you see everywhere,

They aren’t so perfect after all.

All those kisses covered blows,

Every bundle of roses covered a bruise.

And no one even not


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