I walk into the shine,
Admire buds with
Beauty fine,
And thorns that
With subtle prick,
And stems
That by the day
Grow thick--
I smile
At my rosebush pick.

It rains;
I stay inside
And watch your petals
Absorb the tide,
Drinking up
Till next week's cry;
You're miserable
Yet comfort's high.

I'm late and cannot stop,
I pass you by--
Two, three times tops.
You perk
When footsteps clatter near,
Then fall back down
When sight is clear.
I've left,
But I'll be back,
My dear.

I wake up just for you
Sunbathe and nap
Till half past two,
Then rush to work
And leave the view,
red turns to blue.

The weekend comes,
I work long hours,
It thunderstorms
With light rain showers,
Until sunday comes again
I go outside to see you,
My friend,
Just one look
And love deepens.

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