"Rose of the Day"

The day rose so gently that it was almost unnoticeable.

How lithe did the sun creep up my pale skin.

The softness,

The niftiness of the sun’s warmth

Brought me so much joy.

How could something so harmful be so beautiful?


The slippery water rolled down my cheeks like fairy dew.

Even the water held its own divine beauty.

My lips, red

Begged the water for some moisture.

I closed my eyes and smiled.

I laughed, for the roses

The roses out on the porch had bloomed that morning.


They were sweet like cheery lollipops,

Tender like a baby’s skin,

While the breeze blew past with more solidity than myself.

My hair flew across my face like tendrils of darkness.

Memories flooded through my unstable mind.

A tear.


The kettle whistled in the kitchen.


Confused, really.

The human fear that plagued us all ran through my very veins like poison.

The whistling continued.


I had not been the one to fill the kettle.


Slowly, frightened I made my quiet way down to the kitchen.

What would I find?

Oh how my marshmallow heart pumped.

A tear of sweat,

On my forehead.

The door opened on its own.


“My dear! You’re up already,” said my mother.

Two broad smiles across our faces.

Fear hid its horrid face from me.

Welcome Today.


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