A Rose Amongst Antlers



A Rose Amongst Antlers


Born to a loving family in late May,

The baby blossomed in laughter and play

You’d notice he was edgy in spirit, but kind in heart

Like a rose amongst antlers, you could tell him apart


He grew up working hard, but just getting by

When he saw the one in olive skin and bouncy black hair he decided to give love a try

He held his delicate bride in his rough hands day and night

Like a rose amongst antlers, their love shone bright,


Now a man, he settled down

In a humble home on Dodd, not too high nor too far from the ground

Began managing the family ranch in Webb, and two sons later, a family to feed,

Like a rose amongst antlers, he provided the love and growth they’d ever need


Years later he graduated to “Grandpa” in those waiting rooms of pink and blue

He taught his “little injuns” the rules of this land and what in it we’re supposed to do

Respect the circle of life, work hard, and keep keen to learn,

Like a rose amongst antlers, with age it begins to turn


Diabetes, knee transplants, pneumonia can try any man

Yet he worked hard and supported the kids standing on a cane with a bad back and farmer’s tan

Always eager to get things done right and fast

Like a rose amongst antlers, every notch it shadows has a past


January 24th was the last time I ever heard him speak

And though he slept through days in that tiny room, he was never weak

As the machines pumped air into his withering lungs he spoke to me in ways I have never been told

Like a rose amongst antlers, resolute, but by nature very bold


The days became hushed and hurried, time flew

A week had come and gone, and the fight was finally through

Nothing is stiller than death, and up until that moment never did he stop

Like a rose amongst antlers that stood tall till the misty wind told it to drop


He promised to be at graduation, weddings, welcome great-grandbabies and more,

His promise will still be kept true, though the Lord had something else in store,

The family and rain he always prayed for were there that day

Arranged atop the beautiful casket was the reddest of roses amongst antlers while in peace he finally lay




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