the night is whispering, weeping
as i stand on the hill.
A gown makes me ethereal
i'm waiting air
and waiting tears
waiting here
my silence is unmissable
my feet are bare on soil
my heart is exposed... and pinned to my sleeve
so long since you came to see me
i wonder where you are
why you're there
though i've heard fates answer... i still care
in my head nothings right, nothings fair
my breathings tight, theres no air.
i can barely remember you
but i know your face
it used to make my heart race
now it's still, quiet as this place
i'm without pain
without hunger
i feel no sorrow,
and i've no regrets
i smile though it's almost too late
i just wanted to say
i wish you'd seen me on a day
when my hair was straight...
i have a rose for you, you see
please come back to me
now the time is right
i'm so tired of goodbye
and goodnight
my heart is cold without it's queen
i have a rose for you
waiting in a dream

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