Starting out small

A seed, eventually a sapling

Dropped from an oak tree

Carried far away

Taken from my home

Now in the soil to grow

With some tender, loving care

I too could grow tall

Tall enough to reach the skies

But that will never happen

Tied to the ground by my roots

Time seems to change everything

And in many ways

A season may come and go

Change the way I look

I don’t like this

I want it all to stay the same

I don’t want things to change

A millennium has seemed to pass

Only a century has

From young love crossing my path

Etching tattoos in my bark

To stories of tragedy

All coming to me for guidance

Not being able to help

As I begin to wilt

Losing my leaves for good

I drop saplings in hope

In hope they will carry a legacy

And tracing me back to their Roots


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