Romanticize Me

Miraculously magical, some people may appear,

But no one's near as noteworthy when their smoke and mirrors clear.

Everyone has their own kind of magic, and it's obvious in you,

So if every one is magic, then I guess that I am too.


When you looked at me as an outside looking in

You thought I was this vestige that was made of porcelain,

A rarity from a museum display, aureate and abstract.

You thought I was so precious like an ancient artifact.


Please romanticize me as who you think I'd be.

Go on and hypnotize me with this character you see.

Maybe fantasize me and we'll pretend to be so poised.

We'll just let our eyes see and ignore the nagging noise.


When I first saw you standing there, just living in your skin,

I thought you were too special for this outside looking in.

I was sure that you could cool the sun on a melty afternoon,

And on cloudy nights, you could always find the moon.


Why did we create these myths when we know we're only kids

I know you're not some deity or long researched cryptid

You know I'll never walk along the cold, dark, ocean floor

Or be the voiceless mermaid that swims out to the shore.


Maybe truthfully we're just outsiders looking for an in

To know your real fairy tales and how did they begin.

To clear the foggy windows and look into your eyes.

We'll discover all the magic that gets covered up with lies.

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My community


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