A Romantic Interest

Laura, I’ve been admiring you since the first day you came to work here.

I didn’t know that you had a boyfriend until I saw him with you last night.

I can tell that he loves you, so I don’t want to come between you and him.

What I don’t understand is why you tried to hide when I came into the bar.


You know that I have feelings for you because I asked you out once,

But I’m not sure whether you have a romantic interest in me or not.

Laura, I’m a respectful person and I know how to bow out gracefully.

So no heart feelings if I can’t have a romantic relationship with you.


Although it will be difficult for me, we can continue working together.

You’re aware of my love for you and it doesn’t seem to bother you.

Laura, I promise you I won’t make you feel uncomfortable around me.

You choose whom you really want; I won’t make advances to you again.


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