Romance Vs. Friendship

Romance Vs. Friendship


You see in me what I cannot.

You see in me, and love what I feel is all wrong.

I tell you my secrets, you share some of yours.

I tell you to leave, you stay like you’re sure -


That I’m worth the chase.

That you won’t tire of my face.

That I’m not just a phase,

A momentary lapse of judgement in your delusional brain.


You are to me just a boy with a crush.

You want a taste, and you know I’m not wrong.

I wish you would go, just leave for us both

I wish you only the best, yet you still want to test-


The possibility of “us”

The thought of you and I in-love.

The frightening and possibly tragic idea of

A future where we lose not only romantic feelings but the friendly ones….


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