Rocket's Red Flare

What do we think of the States?

Is it the nation everyone hates?

Or is it a nation with high approval rates?

Whatever’s the case? Freedom isn’t free

The rise in oppression makes people flee

High School Graduates don’t continue their studies

And unemployment is beyond me…


But we’re still here? There’s something we must like?

Is it the people? Is it the opportunity?

Surely there’s a reason we do not leave

It’s probably because we believe

We believe that life will get better,

Life will change, just as everything else.

We hope for more jobs, no oppression

Free tuition will leave an impression

“The home of the brave” is what they say

Bring our troops home, we’ll be on our way.

Our great nation in a pickle

but don’t be fickle

We as people are able to change America for the better.

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And with time, it can finally happen...

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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