The rock of life

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 16:26 -- Sharone

In life there are hard rocks,
Deep valleys and high mountains,
But perseverance be paramount,
And so much strength to instil,
Hardening ones heart,
Masking problems with a soft laugh,
Life is just persistence 'cause you never know what awaits,
Cause how hard you try to ignite life,
But no steering to it,
Life is just with dismal,
No hope,no pedal to it,
It really become difficult every time you think of it,
Trying to seek all directions,
Bit lastly you will have nowhere to turn to,
Tears full of neglection,
Tears of stress and bitterness,
Because its really hard to take no matter advice's,
Remember when you young you didn't no it could be this,
Life is sometime frustrating but think twice
Life without a plan is life impunity

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Our world


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