Robin "Alan" Jumanji Williams

While i sit here reminiscing on the fond memories that Robin Williams gave me, the one that struck me the most is Jumanji. 

It was a xmas celebration, i dont recall where i was, but this is where i got the gift to help me smile for a brief time in childhood; it was Jumanji in VHS. 

I must of seen that video a hundred times as a child. It truly was and is a masterpiece. The lion in the room, Robin chasing away from it. First time shaving, (which made me wish i didnt grow facial hair; however i do grow it, I'm 21). 

His yelling..."HA!", oh carl, im sorry.. what year is it? ... dont move, dont move... its a stam peed!

The guy gave me child heartfelt laughs. Thank you Robin. 

Aside from this, i as well have attempted suicide. Dont try it. I am lucky to be alive, and I am not wasting this rebirth of mine.

Find something to keep you strong and happy. We all go through our peak and threshold were we think the misery will end if i take away my life. 

The answer is NO!, I have never been happier in my life than now, a year after my suicide attempt. I wish not to explain my reason, however I am stronger and much wiser now, for this reason i have so much to look forward to. 

Do whatever it takes to get out of this funk, listen to music, read books, join a gym, do something you love, travel, go live somewhere else, try new things, expose yourself to new people. 

I left to ecuador for a month to find myself and it was the best decision i made. I found love, care, happiness, motivation and a reason to continue pursuing my dreams. 

Try this; youtube "Elliot Hulse", listen to this guy; he is my education and inspiration. To this day i still follow his advice. 

Maybe its lack of support, lack of being understood or heard, try listening to him, try writing, get out there, go do a challenge, follow your dream, find love, get yourself busy, done. 



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