Roar of Reaction

What goes around comes around like a tetherball

But when I make it rain you won't talk if the weather falls

Sometimes I wanna jump out a plane without a parachute

Because it's not a joke if people laugh when they embarass you

Or fight you if you carry loot and stomp you in your face with boots

I thought young teens were done with that

So I'm sorry if I come to school without the newest backpack

It would probably get taken anyway

cuz nowadays become the last of days

Get your powerade and

Don't forget the granola, stress relief requires energy

Violence starts to become the new sub for synergy

But it's not all bad, cuz bad makes me strong in my religion

Just forget about how I'm livin

And pay attention to your own business

I didn't hurt you or your feelings

So don't come at me like you gone try to "spark" on all my siblings

Fear is a useless emotion

But it comes to my door unannounced

I turn the porch light off and run into the back part of my house

Barricade myself in

Become best friends with a mouse

And just pray that I live long enough to find myself a spouse look

Even though I lost my glasses

I still see the big picture like a blind artist painting the canvas

My skin tone's molasses

I had a dream to date an actress

But when people act up

I get new lenses to judge the masses

That is just what people do

I'm translucent seeing through

These other liars that think that not telling the truth is deceiving you

But I'm here today as an informant

Burning hotter than global warming

4 score and 7 years ago this topic was twice as important

Not a history teacher

Just trying to make a better future with the use of a pencil

And I just a few followers to help me create the stencil


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