The Roadside Reader


You might walk by her

The one you shall not remember, or try to forget

The ordinary girl with her nose in a book

And her mind in an imaginary world, a better place

She reads by the light of the stars

Up above so high, beyond her reach

Glaring down in wasted pity

For she does not wish for fame

She does not wish for money

She doesn't even care for a passing glance

She has herself, and she has her stories

Surrounded by more characters than she can count

Those are her true friends, who keep her warm at night

The ones she found discarded, like her

They are the ones who understand her, who will be there

And she could not wish for anything more


You may politely ask what she is reading

And without a reply, she holds up the cover for all to see

It might seem rude, but it's all she knows

For she knows that no person wants conversation

They only want to get rid of the guilt

And make themselves feel better by paying attention to the poor girl

But what they don't realize

As they walk away in anger, dropping change in their wake

That she has what she needs

Stacks on stacks of books, creating a treasured shelter

Until the rain begins to fall

Seeping through the cracks and blurring the page before her

The words run together

But she has no fear, she knows how the story ends

And as you walk away you don't see

The smile frozen on her face


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