Sun, 11/18/2012 - 22:22 -- CBat

The heat of the sun overtakes me as I lay
Belly up,
Waiting for a new nightfall.
The loudness of looming insects echoes in my thoughts,
But I can’t move away.
Just listening….
The clunks and splats of my companions are etched in my ears,
But I can’t shy away.
Just listening….
Watching clouds roll by is how I spend my time.
One would look like a tire tread,
But I can’t look away.
Just staring….
Then drops of wet rain would drown my eyes,
But I can’t blink away.
Just staring….
Alas, the darkness of dusk is finally cooling off the piercing asphalt,
So I should sleep well tonight,
Just listening,
Just staring.


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