The Road for Me


walk continously

walk endlessy

and see the diverging paths

there are too many too count

for they show the entirety of man

some lead to pain

others to darkness

and some to love

but all these roads are meaningless

I see them at a distance

so many to choose

yet the choice is not mine

I walk the road of my own

it is a blind road

it is a lonely one

but it is mine and mine alone

I share it with no one

to do so would be painful

I see how others walk their roads

it is a kind sight

but there are no kindred travelers

there is no one to speak of my road

it is dusty

it is ragged

but I truly feel free

to walk the road of my own



yet entirely happy

hopefully all will see

that the roads that cross

that entwine and bend forth

into one called life

into one called death

are all roads of their own

so we must walk our own roads

not on the shoulders of others

but by our own two feet

we must blister

we must callous

we must endure

for the road is long

it is truly endless

but when the end comes

we can look back

and see the road we made

and know truly

it is our road

a path untouched by others

something truly unique

I will walk my road



until the end


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