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Ask me why I love you,

And I shall tell you what I love most about you.

No lies spill passed my parted lips,

Only truths that swell from my heart and fall out my mouth.


Ask me what makes our love healthy,

And I shall tell you everything we have done together

And the things we knew we had to do apart.

Ask me what my definition of perfect is,

And I will tell you, "Life"

Because the fact that we are alive when so many are not

Is the miracle that makes the smallest things perfect.


Words are grand but actions are louder,

And so when asked how to quantify our love

I make a list of the things I do because I love you

And the things you do because you love me, too.


We laugh at each other's jokes,

As if we are each the funniest comedian in the room, 

We exchange "I Love You's" 

As if they are merely "Hello's"

And they never lose their meaning or luster.


We do not ask one another to shout our love from the rooftops,

Instead we tell everyone funny stories

And take silly pictures to share with our friends.

For it is as clear to them as hindsight how much we care,

Especially when people only dare to roll their eyes in our presence once a blue moon.


We do fight, like all couples do,

And we treat the battleground of our arguments, 

Especially ones over personal space,

Like we are discussing the Expectation of Privacy.

And this?

This is a courtroom where honesty and respect are key.


In the end our fights do not last long,

For our relationship is founded on a mutual understanding that love---

Love is meant to heal,

Not widen the gap of the differences we would otherwise celebrate.


To specify for those Lost Boys out in Neverland,

Love is like a snowflake in a blizzard,

Like the stripes on a zebra,

Like fraternal twins,

It is forever unique,

Different for each.


But if our love can educate others,

Be a lighthouse to those stranded in a dark sea,

Or an arrow on the ground pointing towards happiness,

Then I would proudly preach to any choir

That love is perfectly, imperfectly,

Passionately and wonderfully, 

Unapologetically and majestically,



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My family
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I am not sure why the photo uploaded with such a poor quality when the original is so clear, but if anyone is wondering, this photo was taken by my fraternal twin sister while she was out on a run in our home town. When I saw it, I thought it was such a good visual accompaniment to my poem that I had to use it, especially because the photo could be interpreted as expressing how a healthy relationship might be just around the bend for someone. Anyway, now that you know that little fact, I hope you enjoyed my poem!

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