The Road


Storm clouds gather overhead, 

Threaten to steal away his last bread.

Kindness vanishes overnight,

Leaving him to suffer alone and in fright.

A hand stretches out scarred, open, and bear.

Everyone passes as if it's not there.

The sun's bright light quickly fades away

And with it they all go but never do they stay.

Hard brick stone digs into his back.

Somewhere above does bright lightning crack.

Tears fall broken from the sky.

Never once, not once does he cry.

A ball of fire bursts the world's seams,

It's explosion muffled by their fearful screams.

Ash soon replaces snow.

Now he has but one place to go.

A large hand gently grasps his.

No longer can ignorance be bliss.

White and yellow on the path he takes,

Day and night the earth does shake.

South is the mantra he hears, 

But it does nothing to shake his fears.

First the woman and now the man,

He finds himself alone again.

Scarred hands touched the shore, 

But that too is gone forevermore.

Another hand finds him, strong and tall.

He himself is so very small.

He asks the question until the hand tires,

"Do you, too, carry the fire?"

Yellow and white stretch out before him.

The world still dark and forever grim.

Now it ends like it all began.

He is boy, the other is man.


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