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I never could understand
The need to cut
To want to harm your flesh
Hot blood rivers

If you're already in pain
Why would you want
To cause more suffering
It makes no type of sense

Until I went through
My own special hell
In a moment of desperation
A moment of raw emotion

It led me to do
Something I once thought
Inconceivable, wrong

In that moment
Everything become crystal
I understood

Why you'd want more pain
But controllable pain
Something you can restrain

It's all up to you
You can control it
How deep, how much
How often

But once you really
You uncover the
Deeper evil

The pure destruction
The overwhelming urge
The all consuming
Of the Cut

Now experiencing
That helplessness
That need to harm
To feel a different pain

I know that it can't
I can't give in
Can't let myself get lost

There will be no streams
No hot blood
No rivers tonight


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