you ache, you are hurting.

I see it. I feel it.

you"ve gotten so used to the pain,

you've given it a schedule.

you allow it to consume you,

drown and suffocate you

for just a little while.

you are charging your batteries.

you have become a machine,

an empty hollow shell of a person.

yet you crave feeling, you seek emotions from others

even if unnecessary and unhealthy for your soul.

you seek, to be distracted from the pain. But

I dare you. I dare you to accept it. I dare you. 

to ache all over and let the pain pass through.

like a river, let it flow through you.

let your mind, body, and soul be vulnerable to this whole process. 

and give yourself time. For my dear, there is a time for everything.

pain is only permenant if you do not let it pass through.

if you allow it to become engraved, it will consume you.

                                             ~ with love P.B. Johnson



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