Rising Up

They’re just like me.

That could be me.

Las Vegas. Parkland.

Another shooting spree.


A day in the life,

More death in the news.

If this is America,

Is it a scar or a bruise?


Some people offer

Thoughts and Prayers.

But what would they say,

With their peers caught in the crosshairs?


Constant fear.

Darting eyes.

Should I believe politicians?

What's with all the lies?


I refuse to believe

That this is how we must live.

I have to use my voice.

What else is there to give?


I see students

Rising up all around.

We won’t be quiet,

our words resound.


I am inspired.

I yell, “Not one more”.

I am a fighter.

We will win this war.


Protests. Town Halls.

Letters. Tweets.

Vehicles for change

So as not to see the past repeat.


They’re just like me.

That could be me.

My sister, mother, friend.

We must treat this as a beginning

Because it can’t be the end.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country



*Note: I heard of this scholarship on fastweb

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