The Right

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 16:32 -- meower


So we have rights

We have the right to life and liberty, to the pursuit of happiness

The right to worship however we like

to freedom of speech and expression

Sure we have some rights, and they make us who we are

We can defend them


But let's look at the people

on the other side of the world

Do they have these rights? not all of them do

Do they have the resources, the education, the freedom?

Perhaps not.

Sure, maybe we can help them out

Maybe we can use our influence for good

We can be benevolent


Wait a second, what did you say?

They're terrorists, is that the case?

War is the answer, is it now?

You want to talk about defense?

Well then I have two words for you

Look around.


Look at the family in the refugee camp

waiting for aid and food.

Look at the woman crying over her child

who was injured in an explosion.

Look at the brave young man who died

protesting for liberty from oppression.

Look at the girl who was wrongfully tortured

for information she did not have.

Look at the building that was destroyed

while hundreds of people were still inside

Look at the congregation praying to their god

for us to have mercy on them


We did that. The great land of hope and opportunity

caused the deaths of those thousands of people.


Why? Not for our rights. Were they ever in danger?

No. It was because our politicians have egos the size of mountains

unsettlable as the storms

Because there was one person who took charge of one group

who carried out one mission on one day.

Now we take it out on whole countries?

What will it take for us to realize...


We don't have the RIGHT to say who is

and who is not a terrorist.

We don't have the RIGHT to take children

away from their families

or families away from their homes.

We don't have the RIGHT to say what is wrong

or what is right for anyone else.

And we certainly do not have the right

and never will

to say who is meant to live or die.


It does not take an extremist to realize

that violence is never the answer.

All it takes is a person with a heart and a conscience.

Why would we allow so many people to die

both on our side and on theirs

for something we do not have the right to decide?

Sure we have rights, and we should be grateful

but we also need to do

what is right.



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