Rhymes Locked Right

ain't know love in this Mother Fucker
when you put me to the test you'll get a fist
not going to stop until you drop there will be no tears in the end
took my pistol off then cocked it making my way about my business
they'll be no witnesses to this homicide
I know this Mother Fucking game is locked
wait I got to pray but he put his hands in my face
stay true to yourself Fuck the dumb shit
you think I'm under a lot of pressure
some say life has no meaning no meaning
we were all born to die so stay your screaming
mean while on the South Side of town
rolling through the mother fucking hood what do you see
now we got to deal with the survival things
never cracked under pressure cause i was raised for combat
never mother fucking love for fools cause you sing the blues
recognize a real G from the streets
rap us up a fatty cause we got to keep this game swing
leave you stomach open to keep your case chosen

one, two, three
one, two, three..
sitting at the stop light looking at Ho's
roll out to the bitch to say what's up
gave her some game now I got that bitch
called me hommie told my hommies its on
got a few honey's say they want to moan
now there bringing weed sit back & follow my lead
hung up the horn & the horn was alive
take one of those bitches to the slaughter hole
told my hommie play it down cause your acting like a fool
I grabbed her ass in the back & she hit me alive
believe me when your down at your pad
hoping that you won't loose your cool
we can roll to see the sights take down tonight
an open and shut situation
cop got capped they want to change the situation
vibration, temptation aggravation
boys got a magazine yet don't know how to act
hommies make me sick sucking on the devil's dick
can't stop blowing up the charts tight

stay alone starring at my room looking at candles
at night I can't sleep but I got my candle stick burning
cause the hommies that I thought I had
use their money for their new cribs
day by day is impossible to cope
think that i'm the one doing dope
one time for you mother Fucking mind
roll my top in my hard hat
I'm not your average mother Fucker
chained through the sleave got these rhymes locked right

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My community


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